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For nearly 50 years, Joe Fletcher has been in awe of the ocean, its shoreline and all that live on or near it! Continually amazed by the magic and splendor of the sea, the beauty and quizzical nature of its shore birds and the ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors in the sky, coastal living - and all it has to offer the senses - has always been his fascination.

Joe FletcherUpon his retirement 10 years ago Joe began to really portray his passion through photography. Joe spends endless hours waiting for the just the right light and moment to capture the inspiration and beauty of his subject, whether it be watching a heron circling in on his dinner, a gull waking from his nap on the beach, or the sun taking its final dip below the wispy clouds on the horizon. Joe enjoys the wait as much as the photo that he captures! We hope you enjoy viewing this site!

Shown is a small sampling of his inventory. Joe has a wide variety of shots, including an extensive array of Scenic America, butterflies and the majestic mountains and canyons of Arizona and Utah. If you are looking for a subject, don’t hesitate to contact him. He may have your dream photo among his inventory…or your request may be his next adventure!

In addition to his art on canvas, all photographs are also available on tile. Using the ink sublimation process, all art can be produced for outdoor garden art, back splashes, shower stalls, etc. Art is waterproof and will not fade. Fine quality art is now available for your outdoor room or garden! Click for more information
Joe Fletcher
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